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At the end of this five-year adventure with Captain Sotos, the reader has come to like him and his calm, matter-of-fact sea stories that capture life at sea in the war. ... Living With the Torpedo is a small classic.
Admiral James Stavridis
Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander


Loved it! An insightful first-hand account of life (and anti-sub wafare) during WWII. ... A fast, fun and interesting read for anyone who wants to know more about life on a destroyer escort, about our greatest generation, or about how depth charges work...and lots more. Tom Hanks may be coming out with a movie about this, but Captain Sotos lived it!
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Deftly mixes strategic detail with a healthy amount of humanity. A terrific reminder of how young, yet how capable, our armed forces often are.
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About the Author

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George P. Sotos

Serving at sea with the US Navy on the first day of World War II and on the last, George Sotos had continuous seagoing assignments throughout the war. For combat operations as part of the USS Bogue hunter-killer carrier group, he earned the Presidential Unit Citation.

His 32-year Navy career included six commands afloat and multiple shore-based commands.

Now in his 102nd year, Capt. Sotos tells of his unique Cold War Navy career, including a tour commanding a secret underground nuclear command center, in Flagship Captain, also published by Mt. Vernon Book Systems and available from Amazon.

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